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We specialize in full stack Javascript (NodeJS, Serverless, AWS, React, Angular) as well as UI/UX, embedded systems and machine learning projects. Over the years, we have delivered projects for a large global clientele.



  • Reactjs
  • gatsby
  • angular
  • angularjs


  • nodejs
  • serverless
  • azure
  • flask
  • django


  • PostgreSQL
  • mongoDB
  • dynamoDB


  • Dialogflow
  • Alexa

About Us

Since 2017, we have provided clients with exceptional services at competitive rates. Whether you're looking for an expert to add a finishing touch to your website, are in need of specific requirements to be built into your existing projects, or are looking to build one from scratch, Beneath a tree is the go-to source for all your web/mobile development needs.


The team was an absolute pleasure to work with. Incredible serverless developers! With a very loosely-defined scope and requirements they went above-and-beyond at every stage. They were incredibly patient during a long and drawn out development cycle and were always super responsive despite many challenging quiet periods and down time during the contract. I would not hesitate for a second to recommend them and I will absolutely work with them again.

Sean Petty, PlateLogiq